MunKeat Studio is made up of a team of highly passionate, talented photographers. Coming from various walks of life and linked with this common love for meaningful visual imagery, each and every individual contributes greatly to our photographic movement. These individuals have been meticulously chosen for their honest passion and dedication to perfect their artistry in photography. Everything from weddings and lifestyle, to fine art and conceptual portraits, we’re here to provide you the best experience we possibly can give you.



Billions of people in the world and all these winding roads have lead you to this one person. Everyone’s got a story to tell, and we’d love to hear yours. With an emphasis in fine art portraiture using both digital and film for that extra sentimental warmth, we curate photographs and memories revolving around your love story. A quintessential experience perfect in the run up to your wedding, celebrating anything from milestones to anniversaries, we’d love to be a part of your chapter, capturing moments of you just as you are.


WEdding Day

We’ve travelled far and wide for love across the globe and we are humbly proud to have been a part of so many wonderful weddings. We’ve covered over 250 uniquely beautiful weddings now and with each one, we are reminded time and again how insanely special it is that we are able to witness such an important day of your life. What’s even more special is that we get to document these intimate, priceless and lovely details, moments and emotions of that very day. A once in a lifetime event, we strive to give you all the care and attention we can deliver with heart.


Family + Kids

Here at MunKeat Studio we keep things simple, emphasizing on moments, connections, life and all it’s beauty as they are. Documenting the very essence and elements of your family and child is what drives us, and that means allowing them to truly be themselves. Authentically you, our family sessions are never rigid. Instead, it’s got to be all about fun and enjoyment for the whole family, especially the kids! Of candid frames and moments in between, we take the time to let that magic moment happen as me immortalize these wonderful moments we share of you and your loved ones.

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything
— Aaron Siskind

Portraits for the Wildly in Love


More often than not, we notice that portraits are somehow so easy to look at, but somehow harder to appreciate. The portraits we make here at MunKeat Studio are more than merely just images of your wedding. Just like how eyes are the windows to the soul, we believe that these photographs are a window to your life. These photographs tell a story of who you are, what you’ve been through and the human moments and relationships that have landed you here, in this very moment. These photographs should, and will, always bring you back to those moments depicting how you felt about all that was happening around you at the point of time. These portraits will not be just for you, but will also be for the generations to come, to bring your story back to life again every time it’s seen. You’ve written your story. Let us illustrate them in photographs for you.



Corporate Lifestyle Portraits & Business Profiles : A New Take


We all know how the saying goes, that “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”. Although you might think this applies only to the stories of love and unions that we document, it really does apply to our business professionals, too. The rise in social media networking has definitely been a game changer in the way people perceive things. Now, professionals are seen to be bringing business to a more personal level, and that means that having a strong, identifiable yet relatable image that reinforces your corporate identity has become more important than ever. Injecting conventional corporate portraits with our lifestyle approach to photography, we at Munkeat Studio are all about keeping things natural, relaxed and in the moment. Be it on location or in the studio, whether it’s with you or with the whole team, we strive to have a bit of you and your elements to bring your images to life.




Conceptual portraiture is where we find that art and photography meet. For the first time, we at MunKeat Studio are exploring this intersection of photography and fine art. Telling stories of a different kind from what we’re used to, this non-wedding branch of our studio aims to make you feel something, to make you wonder, to make portraits that pull on all your heartstrings and play with different vibes and emotions. From concepts that are fully blown with artistic elements, to those that are quietly but beautifully simple, we hope to take you on this new movement with us.