Where do we even begin? Years of hard work, MunKeat has been nominated as Malaysia’s Top-10 Wedding Photographers for two consecutive years now and runs a team of 6 other photographers today. With a sweet, sentimental family history revolving around photography, we still can’t really say that it runs in the family just yet. You see, MunKeat’s great grandfather and grandfather were proud owners running one of Ipoh’s oldest photography studios of their time and aptly, his siblings became avid shooters, too.

What does come to a surprise however, is the fact that MunKeat was a little bit of a late-bloomer. Although surrounded by cameras photographers all his life, he only started picking up the camera much later. Growing up with film and photographs of his grandfathers time, a lot of what he does is today is influenced by the romanticism of film photography throughout history.

"It's the IMPERFECTION of Film that Makes it a PERFECTION"

Classic and timeless, this explains how people feel a sense of nostalgia, warmth and somewhat of an added sentimental value every time they see a photograph by MunKeat. He never hesitates to go digital and film or analogue during assignments and really, you’d catch him using both all too often.





Being an avid collector with about 50 cameras in hand (and counting!) does come with its perks. What could possibly be the benefit of learning and understanding that many cameras of different brands, makes, functions and modes? Will we ever use all of them, even?

Well, that’s exactly how MunKeat is able to achieve his visually pleasing, emotionally moving photographs and pieces of art. MunKeats photography has brought him all around the world, travelling extensively from one corner of the globe to another.




The saying goes that too many cooks spoil the broth. Although that may be true for some of you, we definitely do not relate to that around here. At Munkeat Studio, we believe that many hands make light work and that every single person brings their own perspectives, styles and characteristics into the work we do here, which very much contributes to the uniqueness and magic you see - or even feel - when looking at a photograph.






At a time where film cameras were the norm, Andrew fell in love with photography when he was gifted with his very first digital camera. With a 1.2MP Fuji digital camera in hand, he took every opportunity to pursue personal photographic experiments. Who knew you could now take photographs without having the need to buy, process and develop film? With that, he was hooked, and it sparked his passion for photography, which lasted through the years and brought him to where he is today. Reflected in the images he creates, Andrew is our people’s person and is immensely moved by the human connection.



YungYaw got his first camera in 2006 and the rest was history. Since then his passion slowly develops from a hobby into a career. Being a photographer has given YungYaw opportunities to meet with people from different background all over the world. YungYaw strongly believes that a simple life is a happy life. Therefore, his fun-loving and cheerful characteristic are easily detectable even when he is behind the camera. He loves to be part of a wedding / event to be able to capture those precious moments through his lenses. Nothing beats real moments and natural emotion.


Have you ever wondered how anyone makes a wedding photographer out of themselves? Well, for most of us here, it was unplanned – by pure chance. That’s exactly what happened with Zach. He documented his first wedding back in 2007 and on that day, it struck a chord in him. With it grew an immense passion for love and how it’s shared between people, and this element of his flows into the images he creates. Zach believes in capturing and enhancing the chemistry two people share, just as they are together. From honest and intimate, to the fun quirky, Zach strives to bring the best out of our couples.



Some people capture memories for a living and others, live for them. Louis is the epitome of both. Louis has a zest for life and he takes it with him in everything that he does, and you really can tell it’s true when you’re looking at the images - or more alike to love stories, really - that he’s taken so beautifully. From family and new chapter, to general lifestyle portraiture, he curates moments and memories for them all so differently. Although photographing weddings makes up for a huge part of him, he never hesitates to try new things and to get thinking outside of the box. Exploring new styles and constantly trying to improve his way or 'seeing'.



It really isn’t hard to explain why Jasmine is the only girl amongst our group of photographers here. Embarking on her photographic journey at 13, her creative eye, exceptional styling and unorthodox way of taking photographs make her a great asset to the team. She is a born explorer who loves the great outdoors, and you can really tell through her photographs. She’s got an eye for hidden spots around the city and makes the ordinary look close to magical in her shots. Though her concepts do get a little moody, don’t let that fool you. Her bubbly, vibrant persona makes her a fun person to be around with.



We’re always taken away by what we see, but we rarely ever take notice nor appreciate the people who work and support us in what we do. Here’s our youngest talent and wonderful assistant, Manoj. Just like most of us, he didn’t start with any prior education or experience in the arts. Manoj is currently a student of dentistry with a passion for visuals. We know that multi-tasking is no easy ordeal, but he never fails to come by, working alongside the rest of the team whenever he can. Manoj also has a great eye for clean, modern and minimalist aesthetics and is really developing a key sense of interest for fine art portraiture.


Open Positions

Photographer Intern

We are currently looking for creative young souls that is in keen to try our photography as a career.



  • Sed posuere consectetur est at lobortis
  • Have your own sets of DSLR cameras and lenses
  • Good communication skill

Design / Editor Intern

Open for all graphic design or any of the creative line background .



  • Well verse with Adobe Photoshops , Adobe Bridge & In-Design
  • Creative and daring


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