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Tips : Do's For Your Family Portrait Session

The saying goes that what’s important to you is defined by what you dedicate your time to. Apart from loving and devoting ourselves to every facet of our craft, we at Munkeat Studio have one other thing in common; Our devotion to love and family. What better way is there to share this with you other than letting this part of us flow into what we do, for you?

Today’s little moments turn into tomorrow’s big things. Authentically you, documenting these wonderful moments of you and your loved ones is (and should be!) an amazing, fun-filled experience. Understanding the importance of creating an enjoyable, comfortable environment for everyone during these sessions, here we are sharing our take on family portraiture for our photographers and families out there.


Anytime is a good time to have a family portrait session! Why did we have to include this pointer, then? On one hand, we have families who’ve made it a tradition to have photographs taken every year and on the other, families who don’t take them at all. Maybe you’ve had a few photographs taken at family events, parties, weddings, but having a series of photographs of your family taken means a whole lot more to us than just that.


It’s a beautiful thing to be able to look back at photographs, moments frozen in time. Whether you’re celebrating one of life’s many milestones, a special occasion or just wanting to document your growing family, these photographs ultimately become a heirloom, enjoyed and passed down for generations to come. 


We’re talking about the Client – Photographer relationship! We place much emphasis on breaking the ice. Be it via filling out a survey form or meeting face to face, laying out expectations and having a photographer that jives with you and your family makes everything that much better for the both of you. Radiate good, positive vibes, everyone!


Get Outside!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we never confine ourselves to the parameters of a studio set. Why would there be a need for that when the great outdoors has so much to offer? From parks and open fields, to nature reserves and hiking trails, a family portrait session might just be the perfect excuse to go outside! Bask in the sun, have a picnic, run, play – being outside means that your family session can very well feel like its a fun family day out, and having fun makes for the most beautiful photographic memories!

Staying in

Maybe heading outside isn’t for you and you really enjoy a good day staying in lounging, dwelling in the presence of home and family. Well, aside from all the fun we could have outside, we also really enjoy having quiet, cozy family sessions in familiar settings like in the comfort of your home. Sweet, beautiful and in your homey element, what’s not to love about it?


Picking out what to wear in your family photos can be just as challenging as getting your coordinate the kids for the perfect group photo. There isn’t a right or wrong when it comes to styling, but we do tend to look out for a few things when consulting with our families.


Instead of having completely matching outfits, try coordinating colors instead! A good thing to look out for when shopping for kids are collections in stores that have a common thematic color and style scheme to them. We also love how neutral colors turn out in photos. Adding a pop of color is good, too! However, do be wary of patterns because it can be distracting in regards to group photographs. 

Whichever route you choose, maybe, just maybe, you’d like to consider letting go of the good old “safe” option of wearing the ever so popular White tee on Denim ensemble. No that we’re against it but, you know, we’ve done that a tad bit too often and we don’t know why, either!

*Image courtesy of Google Search.

*Image courtesy of Google Search.


Need we say even more? Pets are considered family for so many of us and they bring so much life into these session. We’d never, ever say no to including these furry family members of yours. 


Here at MunKeat Studio we keep things simple, emphasizing on moments, connections, life and all it’s beauty as they are. Getting the perfect family portrait is can be hard, but don’t sweat the small stuff and instead, try searching for the little things and moments that make up this family session of yours and capture all of that, too! Documenting the very essence and elements of your family is what drives us, and that means allowing them to truly be themselves! Remember, the best moments are always unplanned, so have fun on your next family session!

Tips : Do's For Your Newborn Photography Session

There’s just something about this genre of photography that we absolutely love. Documenting the arrival of a little one that is half you and half the person you love is an amazing thing. Warm, tender and precious are what newborn days are but yet, they are so fleeting. Saying this from a Photographer’s viewpoint, we know how important it is to document the details of life’s beautiful chapter, so here’s one for our photographers (and new parents!) out there.


Possibilities are endless when it comes to a shoot location. However, we at Munkeat Studio like keeping things cozy and comfy at home or in a home-like setting. Both you and your newborn will be more at ease, and you can never beat the comfort of home!  We never confine ourselves to the settings of a studio and besides, we don’t think it’s a good idea to shuttle your baby to a studio, set flashes off and expose your newborn baby to studio set lights. We love going au natural with lighting (and we’ll get to that in a bit down below!). 


There isn’t a right or wrong in regards to picking a day for a newborn shoot. We’ve done some as early as 3 days and others into the second week of a newborn’s life. It wouldn’t be fair if we were to pinpoint say, within 3-5 days because sometimes, babies don’t settle in or get to go home that soon. No matter what the case, our favorite has got to be within the first week that your baby comes home with you.

These precious little ones are major snoozers within their first week of life. Clocking in about 20 hours of periodic sleep a day makes it much easier to for us to move them around and get them into these adorable newborn poses we love doing during these sessions. Our hearts melt for these! 


Think womb situation. All that your baby has known and felt is the warmth and confines of your womb. That’s why we always try to recreate the situation a little during our newborn sessions. Cozying up your baby by wrapping, swaddling and cuddling during the session will definitely help in creating a pleasant experience for everyone which hopefully, will be cry-free and ensure that your baby is happy. Also, if your baby is getting a wee bit restless, don’t push through! We can always take mini breaks in between your session as needed to do what you need to do. 


Just like what we said about picking a day to have your session, there isn’t a right or wrong to setting the temperature, either. However, we always go by one rule: YOU need to feel comfortable. Our part of the world (Malaysia and the region) can get overwhelmingly humid. Air out or switch the Air-conditioner on in the room or space you plan to take photographs in at least a half hour beforehand. It can get pretty warm for everyone, especially your baby who’s all wrapped up and cozy! Sharing from experience, your baby will tell you if she/he is uncomfortable, so always keep a lookout for tiny gestures and body language. 


It really is tedious, getting that lighting situation down. We generally stick to one rule: Use that Window. Windows are a beautiful source of natural light. Filling up the space with quiet sunlight whilst casting soft shadows, what’s not to love? Don’t forget to bring a reflector with you, just incase you need a little more fill light. 


Like we said, these moments with your newborn is ever so fleeting. Take the time during the session to really take it all in. The love you pour flows into every frame, and that’s what makes for beautiful photographic memories.